behind 'mosaiclab'

MosaicLab engagement facilitation deliberative democracy consultants.

What's in a name?  

The name 'MosaicLab' reflects who we are, what we do and the philosophies we share.   The name and our logo represents the unique nature of our work, which is an intersection of part art, part science, requiring both experimentation and creativity.

The graphic depicted in our logo is a fractal image (a curved, geometrical figure which is infinitely complex and made of recurring patterns that become progressively smaller in scale).   The fractal element of the image represents the science behind what we do, while the mosaic that it creates reflects the art.    

The mosaic pattern is symbolic of diverse people coming together to create inspiring results, and reflects that the whole is bigger and brighter than the sum of its parts - a perfect metaphor for community engagement and facilitation. 

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