Before you commence a deliberative engagement process with your community, immerse your team in a unique and rewarding training experience.

This two-day, mini-deliberation journey provides staff with the skills and insights they need to guide an organisation through a future deliberative process.  By becoming participants, your staff will gain a deep understanding of deliberative engagement that can only come from first-hand experience.

We work with you to design a tailored experience, building the process around a real, internal problem that participants can grapple with and address. A representative group of staff then comes together to explore and discuss the problem together before agreeing on a set of recommendations which they handover to key decision makers.

This condensed version of a deliberative process (modelled on a real citizens' jury or people's panel process) allows your staff to build their capacity, knowledge and understanding through participation and interaction.

Public Libraries Victoria Network representatives from across the State came together for an immersive deliberative experience in June 2017.  Participants reflect on their learnings after participating in a real, 2-day, deliberative process answering the question - "what are the ten best ideas for engaging the community to design transformational library services?". 

Your deliberation questions answered:

WHAT is a deliberative process and how is it different to other engagement approaches?

WHEN should deliberation be used and when should it be avoided?

WHO needs to be involved and what are their roles?

WHAT kind of investment is required (time, money & resources)?

WHAT is involved in delivering an engagement process?

HOW do we apply deliberative concepts to help solve our issue?

WHAT are the challenges and how do we overcome them?

WHEN should we start designing and planning our process? 

WHAT outputs, outcomes or impacts can a deliberative process generate?

HOW do we maximise the benefits and impact of our process? 

Learning delivered by experienced facilitators

The MosaicLab team is made up of facilitators specialising in deliberative processes.  Between us, we have facilitated many medium to large deliberative processes, such as citizens’ juries, people's panels and more.

Participants will benefit from our extensive on-ground experience, and this training opportunity has been designed to address the common challenges, fears, pitfalls and uncertainties organisations face when they enter into a deliberative process. 

Deliberation - engagement training immersive experience

Your organisation/staff will walk away with:

  • a set of valuable recommendations for solving a complex problem that your organisation is grappling with,
  • the invaluable insights that come from being a participant in a deliberative process - helping you to better support your own process and participants,
  • real experience with deliberative techniques,
  • a comprehensive understanding of what is required from both facilitators and your organisation in terms of effort, input, resourcing and more,
  • an understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with deliberative engagement, including common pitfalls and how to avoid them,
  • a debrief package/training manual to take away - explaining the intent and rationale of each step in a deliberative process.

Your tailored training package can include

  • advice on recruitment of staff,
  • briefings and webinars prior to the deliberative process,
  • online deliberation phase,
  • two-day, face-to-face deliberative process (modelled on a citizens' jury or panel process but condensed into a 2-day program),
  • post-session debrief – to help staff consolidate what they experienced and learned and how to apply these learnings to future engagement endeavours.


For some deeper insights into the deliberative journey undertaken by Public Libraries Victoria Network and State Library of Victoria staff, check out our blog post here - it includes some valuable tips for organisations considering a process like this for their staff.  

More information

For more information or to enquire about tailoring an immersive deliberation experience to your organisation, contact Kate Henderson.