Considering or about to embark on a deliberative engagement process? It's time to get ready!


Walk away with: 

An UNDERSTANDING of how you, your organisation and your stakeholders/community can get more out of your upcoming deliberative experience.

ANSWERS to all your burning deliberation questions and biggest deliberation dilemmas. 

CONFIDENCE in your ability to overcome the challenges, avoid the pitfalls and embrace the opportunities associated with deliberative processes.  

CLARITY around the steps you need to take to ensure you and your organisation are really ready to deliberate.

MosaicLab - deliberative engagement, deliberation ready trainiing

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Secure your spot at an exclusive one-day training experience  designed for managers, leaders and decision makers who are ready to ramp up their community engagement program and journey into the world of deliberation.

Learn from a team of skilled MosaicLab facilitators with extensive expertise and years of on-ground experience in designing and delivering successful deliberative processes. 

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Deliberation training for decision makers - MosaicLab Melbourne

Your deliberation questions answered: 

WHAT a deliberative process is and what it should look like?

WHY a deliberative process would be worthwhile for my organisation?

WHEN we should (and when we shouldn't) deliberate?

WHAT my role is as a manager, leader or decision maker?

WHAT internal steps we need to take to prepare ourselves?

WHO else we need on board and when we should bring them in?

HOW we maximise the benefits and impacts of our process? 

HOW we can apply deliberative concepts to our issue or decision?

WHAT the challenges are and how we might overcome them?

WHAT the pitfalls are and how we can avoid them?

WHAT kind of investment is required (time, money & resources)?

This training experience includes:

PRACTICAL EXAMPLES drawn from real projects and case studies

FUN, interactive, experiential learning activities

LEARNINGS from professionals who have experience in designing and running successful deliberative processes.

ACTIONABLE STEPS and tangible resources and ideas 

CANDID INSIGHTS from both the facilitators and those who have walked in your shoes. 

TAILORED TEACHINGS modified to address your goals, needs and challenges.



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*Please note that this training experienced has been designed to help representatives of organisations (auspicing organisations) planning a deliberative process to prepare for engagement, It is not tailored to those offering commercial services.



Some feedback from our recent Deliberation Ready graduates: