Deliberative democracy

MosaicLab helps informed, engaged citizens to have in-depth discussions, identify new solutions & contribute to decisions that stick.


what is deliberative democracy?

Deliberative democracy is all about placing people (citizens, residents, affected individuals) closer to the affairs of government and at the centre of the issue or decision making process at hand. 

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It can be political suicide for a government to take on the world’s intractable problems because politics, by nature, is driven by short-term interests and election cycles. Wicked problems, in contrast, often take generations to surface, and require drastic, long-term measures to solve them.
— Professor Lyn Carson, Centre for Citizenship and Public Policy, University of Western Sydney

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We specialise in deliberative processes

Our team is made up of deliberative engagement specialists who founded MosaicLab for the specific purpose of promoting the value of and delivering deliberative processes.

Our facilitators bring with them a wealth previous experience with deliberative projects. 

Deliberative processes we run include: 

  • Citizens' juries

  • Participatory budgeting (where deliberative elements are included)

  • Deliberative panels, assemblies and forums

More information on the importance of facilitation in (and the different type of facilitation skills and experience required for) a deliberative process can be found here on the newDemocracy Foundation website



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