We offer International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) training sessions and are certified to deliver the following modules which count towards the IAP2 Australasia Certificate in Engagement: 

Engagement Essentials

An introduction and overview of what engagement means in the Australasian context. Includes key concepts upon which to plan, design, facilitate and implement successful community and stakeholder engagement processes. An opportunity to reflect on your own role in engagement practice, in addition to recognising your future learning needs. 

Engagement Methods

Develop an understanding of how to implement engagement programs using the wide range of tools available, with a focus on creating effective communication and constructive dialogue with stakeholders and the community. This training covers a broad spectrum of engagement techniques, including online tools, and details the journey from method design to delivery and evaluation.


Engagement Design

Develop an understanding of how to design an engagement program, including selecting the engagement methods most suited to your needs.  This module uses examples and practical exercises to develop skills in engagement program planning. It provides a clear, navigable path toward program design and tools to assist in assessing the engagement need and the most appropriate response.

Conflict in Engagement

Develop an understanding of how to effectively prepare for and manage challenging engagement situations.  This module provides a mix of theory and practical examples, along with a strong focus on human dynamics and how to deal with different personality types.  Methods to maintain composure during high pressure situations will also be shared.