outrage & conflict Management

We’re comfortable with complexity, addressing emotionally charged issues and balancing diverse viewpoints to reduce risk, repair relationships and achieve a shift in thinking and action.


Some conversations are more difficult than others  

We understand how challenging it can be for organisations to engage in conversations around sensitive or contentious issues, especially when there's emotions or high levels of risk involved.

Aiming for short term wins, trying to fast-track a process or attempting to manage your way out of an situation can backfire, resulting in long-term, negative consequences.  

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.
— Margaret Heffernan


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MosaicLab, conflict and outrage consultants


MosaicLab can help you to navigate challenging engagement landscapes and address the problems and opportunities that conflict, emotion and outrage bring to an issue or decision.  

From decades of  baggage to sudden, unexpected challenges, our team of skilled, experienced facilitators specialise in both identifying and working with conflict and outrage.    

We work with you to minimise risk, build internal skills and confidence and help you to gain traction, shift thinking and move towards action. 

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