My biggest challenge was creating buy-in from across the organisation about how to do community engagement well and why it was important.  (We wanted to) generate better understanding and enthusiasm about community engagement, (and produce) a tangible set of recommendations to address our specific engagement challenges.

The best part of working with MosaicLab was having total confidence in their delivery . Once we started, I knew we were in safe hands. It was clear that the skill with which they facilitated the workshops is a result of years of experience in delivering other successful processes. 

The biggest change has been the increase in energy and enthusiasm of individuals who are responsible for delivering community engagement.  People are now proactively seeking ways to be involved and are much more community-focused about the methods they use and creating opportunities for the community to give feedback. There has also been a significant shift in how community feedback is viewed by decision-makers.  

Overall, the results have been excellent.  It has given us a platform to really build a meaningful relationship with our community.  It's now our job to maintain the momentum created by MosaicLab.

Robyn Mitchell
Senior Community Engagement Officer, Melton City Council


I have been in (I have run) numerous
facilitated development sessions. I have
never been to one that was so well
run – inclusive – targeted. And (you) could
still manage the deliberative process
- excellent. Facilitators extraordinarily
— Panellist, Infrastructure Victoria Transport Network Pricing Panel


I wanted to pass on my appreciation to you and your team for the Weeds + Rabbits workshop and associated activities, and acknowledge the professionalism and your craft as facilitators.

The remit wasn't easy; however, your team was able to carry a democratic ideal and acknowledge the experience in the room, seamlessly advert technology failures; and facilitate a constructive debrief with some diverse opinions.

Michael Reid
Program Manager - Established invasive species
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources



“We went into the community panel process feeling sceptical. As a community organization we had experienced decades of frustration with government planning processes. When the ACT Government established the CBP Community Panel, we finally had a seat at the table – literally – and it felt like a sensible, iterative approach to community engagement. Once we had responsibility as member of the panel, we were able to go back to the community to update, consolidate and refine community opinion.
— David Harvey, President, Yarralumla Residents Association & Panel Member, Canberra Brickworks Precinct Panel


“Your guidance, expertise and approach to facilitating both online process and at the face-to-face forum was outstanding, and it was evident in the quality and depth of engagement from the jurors.  We appreciate your commitment and flexibility through this project.” 

Christian-Paul Stenta
(former) Principal Innovation Officer, Citizen’s Jury on Obesity – Project Manager, VicHealth


The process ensured we all had a chance to build the plan the way we wanted it. Everybody had the opportunity to feed in. We know there will still be people not happy but we achieved an enormous amount.
— Panellist, Surf Coast Shire Spring Creek Precinct Structure Plan


(The citizens’ panel process) enabled us to get a genuine feel for the concerns within the panel. The majority report produced by the panel heavily influenced the design of the precinct structure plan. The end result was a well balanced design that balanced most of the issues. It was a very intensive process and definitely worth doing. The Councillors also thought it was a good thing to do.

Each time I have worked with MosaicLab I have found them to provide great advice for the situation requiring resolution. They are also organised, professional and plan carefully for every workshop event....

Over the last 3 years working with Nicole (MosaicLab co-founder)I have enjoyed watching her and the team deal with some very tricky situations always to come out with a really good outcome that participants can 'live with'. The 5 'L's' are such a great tool to use to work through to resolution.

 Kate Sullivan
(former) GM Environment and Development. Surf Coast Shire and current General Manager Strategy Systems and Environment, Barwon Water


I want to say thank you to MosaicLab, I am really impressed with how professional the whole program was. I usually go into things thinking I might learn one thing I didn’t know before and I’ve learnt many things.
— Panellist, Barwon Water Community Panel


"(Our biggest worry) is always the ability to keep a workshop on agenda when there are many different agendas with different participants.  Working to both uncouple emotion and turn it into constructive discussion is always my biggest concern.

(MosaicLab helped us to) bring different points of view and find a way to work together on issues with a variety of community members.   (There was) a sense of fun, achievement and (a feeling) that we were all in it together.

Keith (MosaicLab co-founder) is great and helps us to steer a group to an outcome every time"

Paul Matthews
Executive General Manager, Communications & Stakeholder Engagement, VicRoads


“(Our biggest concern was) keeping participants engaged and we (were) hoping that the program would meet all our expectations. We were pleased to see it all went to plan and we were very pleased with the response from the participants. The program is spoken about in very positive terms and we are implementing the skills and techniques we learned.

 The thing we enjoyed most) about working with MosaicLab was the diverse, energetic and warm delivery style of the engagement workshops.
— Christian Stefani, Coordinator Communications and Engagement, Bass Coast Shire Council


I have renewed confidence in collaboration of ideas with a diverse range of people.
— Panellist, City of Melbourne Ten Year Financial Plan


Personally, I wasn't familiar with the participatory democracy / deliberation model (and) we had to plan and deliver our event in a very short time frame. MosaicLab's extensive experience with deliberation models was clearly evident from the outset. During the planning processes, my confidence grew that we'd secured the right team for the job.
The best part about working with MosaicLab was their energy; their positivity; their expertise; their focus on getting the outcomes effortlessly. Our outcomes were both tangible (the Staying on Track Participants Report) and intangible (the energy, passion, respectfulness, interest, and gratitude of all the young people involved in the event). All because the MosaicLab team 'held the space' so well over an epic 3 days!

Melinda Jacobson
Innovation Program Manager, and project manager for the Staying on Track Youth Forum, VicHealth


I was able to speak out for what I believed and to listen to other people who have strengths in different areas.
— Panellist, City of Melbourne Ten Year Financial Plan


Given that I have been in this space for some time and seen varying levels of competence, I wanted to acknowledge your great work and (the) positive feedback we received from the session.  

The google docs worked and the fact that I don't have to spend another 3 weeks data entering pages and pages of handwritten notes was a definite benefit.   Youth engagement was another real winner.  I am pleased that I got (young people) in the room but am more pleased that the sessions you planned incorporated them... (it was) very effective and went a long way to ensuring a true engagement experience and not just a box ticking exercise.

I am more than satisfied that your team met the project brief and in fact knocked it out of the park!  Thank you for your support and professionalism it was a pleasure to work with your crew.

Andrew Burgess
Regional Partnership Coordinator, Grampians Region, Regional Development Victoria  


Today you both were brilliant. I loved the way you paced us, coaxed, deterred and encouraged us. Totally, exquisitely professional and utterly outcome-focussed. You timed us down to the last minute. It’s what musical theatre stage-management does best – getting the scene-change/lighting/fly cue ‘on the button’.
— Matthew, Future Melbourne Panellist


"(We needed a consultant that could) understand (and) appreciate our project's complex and controversial history. Keith (MosaicLab co-founder) quickly understood the project’s characteristics, issues and history and provided clear, valuable and constructive advice.

Keith's extensive experience, skills and professional approach ensured that the engagement process was effective. He created a collaborative, constructive and cooperative process where all stakeholders and community representatives felt included and their input was valued."

  Simon Lansdown
Manager, Community Engagement, Land Development Agency, ACT Government


Many recommendations were the result of robust debate and a democratic vote, deciding what we would include in our report. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, believed it resulted in good recommendations and hope that this process is adopted by other organisations.
— Panellist, City of Melbourne Ten Year Financial Plan


(Our biggest concern going into this process was) not having direct control over every aspect.  (However, working with MosaicLab) drastically reduced stress levels.

We had an 'external party' to steer conversations … and (were offered) innovative ways we wouldn't have thought of to get people working together.

We enjoyed everything about working with MosaicLab... prompt response to emails, professional management of the day, competent and responsive facilitators.

Kate Raynor
Post-doc Research Fellow, University of Melbourne


When issues get hot in the community, it’s great if people can come together to work things out.  Over a number of workshops and issues, Nicole (MosaicLab co-founder) has consistently brought the skills, independence and experience needed to facilitate good group conversations where everyone, with all their diverse views, can have their say in a respectful and efficient way -  so we have the best chance at resolving difficult and shared problems together.
— Rowan McKenzie, Manager Environment and Community Safety, Surf Coast Shire


“Nicole (MosaicLab co-founder) is very organised and has a fantastic ability to convert the project brief in an easy to understand road map with measurable outcomes at each stage of the project. I have found her very flexible and easy to work with.”

Sunil Bhalla
(former) Director Infrastructure, Surf Coast Shire and current CEO, Horsham Rural City Council