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We're a team of senior, experienced engagement practitioners specialising in high influence and deliberative engagement.


MosaicLab is led by three founding directors with specialist skills in workshop design/facilitation and engagement process design and delivery.  We're a diverse, highly skilled collective of industry leaders with strongly aligned values and a focus on delivering tangible outcomes.

MosaicLab delivers both small and large scale projects.  We partner with a trusted selection of specialist providers, enhancing our capacity to deliver tailored, specialised services.

MosaicLab has enabled me to utilise and build on my skills and experiences and help further the practice of engagement for others.
— Nicole Hunter, Co-founder MosaicLab


An experienced facilitator with high level skills in deliberative engagement, strategic planning, negotiation and risk communication, Nicole has extensive experience working with highly charged issues and emotional stakeholders on all fronts.   Known for her ability to work efficiently and collaboratively, she excels in co-designing effective processes. 

Nicole has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons) and a Certificate in Dialogue, Deliberation and Public Engagement (University of Sydney).  She has 20 years’ experience working across government and private sector projects.

Prior to co-founding MosaicLab, Nicole designed and delivered many successful engagement processes such as the G21 Regional Growth Plan, Corangamite  Regional Catchment Strategy and the CFA's Community Engagement Framework ('Connecting with Communities') and worked on a range of projects such as the Post Alpine Fires Community Engagement Strategy (DSE 2004) and the Cranbourne landfill methane leak (EPA Victoria 2008).  

Nicole is committed to finding collaborative solutions to complex problems through deliberation and dialogue and believes that everyday people can do amazing things given adequate time and information. Inspired by participant transformations, she enjoys seeing groups make bold and robust decisions.

Learn more about Nicole here.
MosaicLab is an opportunity to harness my enthusiasm for public participation in a way that will continue to challenge my own personal and professional development.
— Keith Greaves, Co-founder MosaicLab


Keith trained as a Science in Society Facilitator (Bed Technology, MSc Communications – University of London) and spent 12 years with the Science Museum in London connecting scientists and the public through dynamic conversations around big dilemmas in our society.

The role allowed Keith to spend time in countries such as Azerbaijan and Syria where Keith observed first-hand how everyday people can rise to face real life challenges - further embedding his belief in a relaxed approach to conversations around big topics.

Since moving to Melbourne in 2008, Keith has worked on a wide range of complex stakeholder engagement projects across a number of industries including tourism, sustainability, culture, sport, community infrastructure, science and education.

Keith specialises in facilitation, strategic stakeholder planning, implementation and engagement and is dedicated to the active promotion of IAP2 values and practices.  He is a former IAP2 Australasia board member and IAP2 licenced trainer who regularly delivers stakeholder engagement training and master class programs.

Keen to see a culture of better practice in our society, Keith is driven to share knowledge and learnings, giving back to the field that he loves.
MosaicLab is a platform for continuous learning about participation and sharing these learnings with others - ultimately contributing to quality and meaningful engagement becoming the norm in decision-making.
— Kimbra White, Co-founder MosaicLab


Kimbra is a highly regarded, award-winning facilitator who has planned and delivered a wide range of participation processes: large and small, easy and hard, and at times with high levels of outrage and emotion.   She has worked extensively across state, regional and local government engagement projects, gaining skills across broad range of areas including deliberative projects, contentious issues, policy development and community planning.  

A former president and board member of IAP2 Australasia and former board member of the IAP2 International Federation, Kimbra is known for her responsive, flexible and friendly approach.  She consistently exceeds client expectations and always invests in outcomes.

Kimbra has a Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Graduate Diploma in Urban Planning and a Masters in Business Administration.   She commenced her career as an urban planner for Hobart City Council, and has worked for the NSW Department of Planning, the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils, the Outer Eastern Municipalities Association in Melbourne and Business East, the economic development board for Melbourne’s eastern region where she was the Executive Director.  

Passionate about involving communities in decisions that affect their lives, Kimbra cares about having conversations that matter and believes that every meeting can always be a better meeting.

Learn more about Kimbra here.


Prior to joining MosaicLab, Kate worked in the field of community and stakeholder engagement for 15 years as an adviser and facilitator for state and local government including the former Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment and the City of Melbourne.

Kate has worked as a process designer, adviser and facilitator for highly emotive, complex and contentious topics, such as bushfire response and recovery, climate change, public land conflicts, disaster recovery, resilience policy, urban design, planning and renewal projects and large scale policy development.

Two notable examples of successful community engagement processes that Kate has designed and delivered include City of Melbourne’s 10-Year Financial Plan and Future Melbourne 2026. 

A current IAP2 board member, Kate is also a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator who is passionate about innovative approaches to engagement. 


Jane has a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication majoring in Public Relations and Journalism, and specialist training in facilitation and IAP2 engagement practices.

With extensive experience working across diverse communication and engagement roles across government, not for profit and private sectors, Jane has designed and delivered effective strategies and processes around a broad range of projects and issues. ranging from infrastructure planning and policy development through to environmental awareness campaigns.

Jane has experience in working with outrage and emotion, and the ability to design a process around sensitive and complex issues. She specialises in designing communication strategies that support and enhance engagement processes, and is passionate about integrating and working with new technologies and digital platforms.


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