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Are you Deliberation Ready?  Free Download

Thinking about running a deliberative process? Take the MosaicLab deliberation risk assessment test and determine if you're organisation or group is internally ready to leap into the world of deliberation.  

Free resource download - deliberation deliberative principles

Seeking to ensure your process is truly deliberative and results in meaningful, quality outcomes?  These principles of deliberative engagement are a great place to start. Use them to guide and evaluate the effectiveness your deliberative process.

Free resource - community engagement diverse voices representative

Bring new perspectives into your process. Robust, effective engagement processes are as representative as possible, and processes are only representative if they include diverse views. There’s a range of reasons people might not participate - here's 9 ways to overcome them and include diverse voices. 

Free resource: How to engage decision makers

Want to avoid decision maker disaster? Don’t forget to engage one of your most critical stakeholder groups – decision makers. It’s a crucial and often challenging step in every engagement journey. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the top reasons processes fall over.

Engagement - transparency and risk guide - free resource

Transparency is key to effective engagement  - but being open and honest can seem risky.   Here's a guide to the rewards of being brave, the pitfalls of holding back and some transparency 'starting points' for your next project. 

Embed your community engagement framework, policy or strategy - free guide tips

A high-level engagement strategy, policy or framework isn’t enough on its own. For quality engagement tobe embedded across an organisation, implementation is key.  Here’s 10 ways to help embed this document across your organisation and see it put into practice.

Free tips for community engagement - providing information inputs to participants

What information do I provide at what level of detail?  It's tricky getting the balance right and ensure you meet the needs of your participants.  Here's 6 free tips that might help you to hit the information provision mark. 

Free tips - advisory committees stakeholder groups - how to manage - free guide

Advisory committees – we love them and we hate them – and we can’t stop setting them up. They’re possibly the number one method of engagement in Australia. In this free resource we, we discuss 11 common advisory committee challenges and how to address them. 

Free resource critical thinking modes and questions

A printable critical thinking 'starter kit' - an overview of key critical thinking skills and some questions that might relate to each skill.  Great for use as a prompt or handout when discussing critical thinking in group settings.

Brain Biases Free Download

There are many ways our brains actively work to bias our thinking and therefore our decision making.  This free download helps you to understand and address some of these biases so you can access more information and weigh up data more thoroughly.

Free download - facilitation resource - 6 group issues you can address through play

Meetings don’t need to be serious, boring, rigid or formal to have a purpose or achieve quality outcomes. Integrating games and play can really lift a group and transform the conversation. Here’s 6 common group issues that facilitated play can address.

Free Download Tips Pecha Kucha

Want your presentations to have more impact? Download our key tips for using a very high-energy, fast-paced style of presenting known as Pecha Kucha. 

Free download 35s Activity for group facilitation

Download MosaicLab's 35s activity and use it with a large group to prioritise a set of questions, ideas, options or a dataset. Instructions and template included for printing and using with your group.