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At MosaicLab, we’re all about conversations. As a team of highly skilled, experienced facilitators, we design and facilitate workshops and meetings that have impact.


CREATIVE, EFFECTIVE MEETINGS designed and delivered by expert facilitators

We're a team of highly skilled, independent, experienced and creative facilitators with the ability to work with groups (and issues) of all sizes.  

We are skilled in the use of a huge variety of techniques and methods including deliberative processes and have extensive experience in facilitating meetings with high levels of emotion and outrage.  

Workshop facilitators in action - MosaicLab


We work closely with our clients to tailor workshops and meetings to the issue we are addressing and the participants we are working with.  

This ensures that your return on investment is high and that the time allocated is used as effectively as possible. 

MosaicLab - deliberative facilitators
MosaicLab workshop design and facilitation consultants

our role as facilitators

When working with a group, a facilitator takes on a number of critical roles including:

To be a process guide: To provide an overall road map and detailed process tools and activities that enables participants to do their work.  This means helping them to understand their task, engage with each other (a diverse group of people) on the content and to help the group come to their endpoint. 

To create the right environment for deliberation: To provide the tools and techniques that allow people to consider a range of information, identify options, weigh up the pros and cons of options and make choices between options.

To be neutral: To be concerned only for the process and not to have any stake or interest in the content or the outcome.

To manage group dynamics: This means ensuring all participants feel they are able to fully participate i.e. to speak and be heard by others.

To be flexible and responsive: To respond and adapt to the group's needs as expressed through the feedback forms and verbal cues in workshops.

And to stay on time!


We work to a set of principles drawn from the fields of participation practice, deliberative democracy
and facilitation.

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We are members of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), the Australasian Facilitators Network (AFN) and the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2). 

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