big scale deliberation

'let's talk waste'

The Mornington Peninsula Shire is fast running out of space to place their local waste. The issue of waste management in a local community is always fraught with difficulties.  People are affected in different ways depending on their proximity to a site.

The Mornington Peninsula Shire engaged Keith Greaves and Nicole Hunter to assist with planning a series of community engagement activities to inform the development of Council’s new Waste Management Strategy in early 2014.

A core feature of the engagement was the delivery of two collaborative forums with contributions from 146 people. The participants represented industry, special interest groups, self-nominations and a stratified recruited group from the community.

Participants were asked to deliberate on the following: "How can the Shire best provide for the disposal of its waste to landfill in the short to medium term? And how should Council continue to support development of Alternative Waste Technologies?"

VIDEO: A summary of the deliberative forum and perspectives from community and council.

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