Free community engagement tips and skills


Including diverse voices and perspectives

#1 Look at recruitment approaches.  

Consider the use of random sampling or reach out via a range of community groups. 

#2 Consider face to face

Hold a series of face-to-face, small group conversations with targeted groups at a time and location convenient for them, preferably in their own space.

#3 Provide opportunities for individual thinking

When running a broader engagement activity (like a workshop), offer opportunities for individual thinking and pairs/small groups discussions before coming together into a large group discussion.

#4 Identify barriers to engagement

Is childcare an issue? Language barriers? Timing?  Venue accessibility? Sometimes simple solutions like providing a supervised activity space for kids, engaging a interpreter,  moving the session by an hour or two, carefully considering location/venue and looking into transport options can make a big difference to participation rates. 

#5 Reach out to others

Connect with a few people that represent the participants you are targeting, or have a discussion with someone that works with that type of group regularly prior to consulting them.  Gain some ‘expert’ insights on their needs, preferences and challenges so you can tailor your session or activity appropriately and ensure you have the best chance of engaging effectively.   

#6 Consider you communication channels

Are your communication channels accessible and appropriate? Are you targeting a range of different audiences? Don't be afraid to get creative and trial new communication approaches, or you might struggle to capture new, voices and diverse perspectives. 




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