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Planning steps for effective processes

#1 Learn from the experience of others

Research case studies of similar projects.  You can also contact people involved in projects that you admire, ask them for insights about what they learned, what they would do differently and then share these insights internally. 

#2 Be guided

Find some engagement planning templates that will guide your approach.  There's a lot of useful resources available that will help you to develop a robust, effective engagement approach.

#3 Seek out colleagues

Find people in your organisation that have been involved in an effective process and gather intel: What worked? What didn't?  Who was involved? What has changed since their project took place?

#4 Peer review

Ask a colleague or trusted contact to review your plan - two heads are better than one, and a third party can apply their learnings and help you to refine and improve your approach. 

#5 Involve and engage

Get the right people involved early.  Engaging people in the development of your plan is part of an effective planning process.  Identify who the key people are early, and consider running an interactive strategy session. 




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