Group decision making processes (particularly deliberative processes such as citizens' juries, community panels and people's panels) can be both exciting and overwhelming for participants.   

MosaicLab has prepared a handy video outlining some suggested 'do's and dont's' for participants that will help the whole group to get the most out of their journey together. 

While excellent facilitation is a must if you want to ensure your process is successful, we also like to challenge and encourage participants to take responsibility and regulate both themselves and each other.   We want every group we work with to get the most out of every moment they spend together, and these dos and dont's will help participants to deliberate together as effectively as possible.

This video is perfect for participants that are being given a specific question to answer or task to complete, spending extended time together and considering and weighing up lots of information. 


Stay tuned - we have more fabulous video resources in the development pipeline! 

In the meantime, we have lots of actionable, useful and downloadable content available including: