Deliberation Ready: New 1-day training opportunity

Considering or about to embark on a deliberative engagement process? It's time to get ready.

Secure your spot at MosaicLab's new, one day training experience and prepare yourself and your organisation for your upcoming journey into the world of deliberation.

Have all your burning questions and biggest dilemmas addressed, learn how to overcome the challenges, avoid the pitfalls and embrace the opportunities associated with deliberative processes and get clear on the steps you need to take to ensure you and your organisation gets the most out of your deliberative experience. 

MosaicLab deliberation facilitators training Melbourne

Learn from facilitators with extensive experience in deliberative processes, such as the award-winning VicHealth Citizens' Jury on Obesity.


Organisations across Australia and the world,  particularly in the government sector, are preparing to ramp up their community engagement programs and journey into the exciting world of deliberation,  These organisations are not only keen to engage with their communities and stakeholders in a more effective way and to achieve better outcomes, but are also facing external pressures that are strongly encouraging them to move in this direction.   

As facilitators with specialist skills in designing and delivering deliberative processes, the MosaicLab team is constantly exposed to the challenges and opportunities associated with this form of engagement.  As part of this work, managers, leaders and decision makers ask us support and advice when it comes to preparing themselves and their organisation for a deliberative process.  Interestingly, we have noticed that the dilemmas that they face, and the questions they need answered have a lot of crossovers, and that these issues tend to be very universal. 

In response, MosaicLab has designed a new, one day, training experience that addresses all of these questions and dilemmas and will prepare you to get the most out of your process or project. 


We are now inviting expressions of interest for those who want to secure their spot at this exclusive, one day training experience designed for managers, leaders and decision makers. 

You'll learn from a team of skilled MosaicLab facilitators with extensive expertise and years of on-ground experience in designing and delivering successful deliberative processes. 

Keen to attend?  You can register your interest by clicking the link below. 

Deliberation training deliberative democracy Melbourne

MosaicLab specialises in deliberative engagement, and has designed and facilitated many deliberative processes, such as the Future Melbourne 2026 Citizens' Jury. 


Practical examples drawn from real projects and case studies.

Interactive, experiential learning activities.

Learnings from professionals who have experience in designing and running successful deliberative processes.

Practical examples, actionable steps and tangible outcomes.

Candid, illuminating insights from both the facilitators and those who have walked in your shoes.

Tailored, adaptive teachings modified to address your goals, needs and challenges.

The training is based on learnings from a wide range of deliberative processes facilitated by MosaicLab, including the Geelong Citizens' Jury. 


WHAT is a deliberative process and what should it look like?

WHY is a deliberative process worthwhile for my organisation?

WHEN should we deliberate and when should we not?

WHAT is my role as a manager, leader or decision maker?

WHAT internal steps do we need to take to prepare ourselves?

WHO else do we need on board and when do we bring them in?

HOW do we maximise the benefits and impact of our process? 

HOW do we apply deliberative concepts to our issue or decision?

WHAT are the challenges and how do we overcome them?

WHAT are the pitfalls and how do we avoid them?

WHAT kind of investment is required (time, money & resources)?


Head to our registration page to learn more about and register your interest for the first session which will take place in Melbourne on 28 June 2017.  The number of future sessions (and how often they are offered) will be based on demand for this training opportunity, so we encourage you to register now and ensure you don't miss out.