We're very excited to announce that Part 1 of our three part, animated video series on deliberative engagement is now here!

Part 1 in a three part series on deliberative engagement.  In this short animation, we overview what deliberative engagement (or deliberative democracy) is, the six principles of this engagement approach and how it tends to differ from many other engagement approaches.

Deliberative engagement is a form of meaningful engagement, and each principle covered in this video could be integrated into any engagement process.   In Part 2, we'll explore when to do deliberative engagement, and when to consider other types of engagement approaches. So stay tuned! 

Perfect for use in training, group or team sessions, this informative video series has been designed to simplify and de-mystify the concept of deliberative engagement.   In this video, we talk through the principles of deliberative engagement, which can be integrated into any community engagement process. 

For a complementary resource, grab our 'Principles of Deliberative Engagement' free download.


Stay tuned -  in addition to parts two and three, we have more fabulous video resources in the development pipeline!  In the meantime, we have lots of actionable, useful and downloadable content available including: 


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