MosaicLab - Behind the Team - Our Engagement Support Crew

MosaicLab is a small, busy, tight-knit team of facilitators and engagement practitioners.  We’re always dashing off to meet a client, run a session or plan a process.   Behind the scenes, however, are the unsung heroes of MosaicLab - the essential people that make us look good and keep the wheels turning. 

We are very proud to introduce our wonderful, global, 'behind-the-scenes' team of superstars! 

MosaicLab Support Crew - Angela

Angela Greaves
(aka magic, overnight data master)


I'm based in Ireland. 

My role with MosaicLab is to do as I am told! As my dear MosaicLab colleagues sleep I work at transcribing whatever has been sent via pictures to me into word or excel documents (sounds boring but I can tell you it is not as the variants are endless!). 

If I wasn't doing what I do now I would be artist.

When I'm not working my favourite thing is to walk my dog, have fun catch-up chats with my pals, discover new restaurants/ coffee houses, anything artistic such as making jewellery or upcycling old furniture/ clothes ...wherever my creative side takes me.. I am pretty much a free spirit so I go with the flow once there is laughter to be had and life to be lived!

If I could have a super power it would be to fly....The world is a big place with lots of magic places/people to discover.

One piece of advice I would give my younger self is live life for the day as that is all you have, tomorrow will come and yesterday will be over so make the most of now!

Three words to describe MosaicLab:  Avant-Garde, challenging and laughter!

My ideal workday is sitting working at my desk with a big yummy mug of coffee with my favorite music (anything goes depending on my mood, though partial to jazz, enigma, eighties music, rag n bone man, logic, sting etc., get my drift about being varied!) blasting in the background. 

The best thing about my role is working with the MosaicLab team – a bunch of innovative, fun people!

I dream of my office being in a beach house beside the sea ... you never know, one can dream right?!

I dislike bad manners and smelly feet. 


support team mosaiclab - jane

Jane Green
(aka graphic guru)


I'm based in Melbourne.

My MosaicLab role includes designing up everything from reports and tenders to workshop activity posters and infographic resources.

Three words to describe MosaicLab: Exciting, compassionate and authentic.

My ideal workday includes perfect balance of workload, chai lattes and breaks to watch something on YouTube.

The best thing about my role is there is always something new and exciting to design up for MosaicLab, you never know what's next.

I dislike clients saying its just a quick job when it's not, I do admire their wishful thinking though.

If I wasn’t doing what I am right now I would be somewhere in Wales, drinking tea.

When I'm not working my favourite thing is relaxing, need I say more :)

If I could have any super power it would be the ability to time travel, so I could get a lot more done.

One piece of advice I would give my younger self would be worrying won't change the outcome!


support crew photos - MosaicLab - Dan

Daniel Klein
(aka business buff)


I'm based in: Global HQ sits in Melbourne (five different locations this year) and had temporary stints in Brisbane, Queensland and Los Angeles, California.

My MosaicLab role is Business Advisor and Predictor of the Future.

Three words to describe MosaicLab: Personal, connected, and inclusive.

My ideal workday includes emailing, telephoning, reviewing documents, creating material, face-to-face interactions, a bit of exercise, a fresh long black and sunshine.

The best thing about my role is flexible work hours and locations (I house/pet sit and travel a lot).

I dislike being late. I like being early and organised. Being late happens but I always want to do better.

If I wasn’t doing what I am right now, I would be cycling in Australia or travelling through India (I’ve never been).

When I'm not working I like reading and talking with others about something I/they have read.

If I could have any super power it would be changing mindsets (and you might say that is not a superpower!). I feel many people would really benefit from seeing and approaching the world differently, recognising with gratitude what they have now, and how much we can easily help each other do extraordinary things.

One piece of advice I would give my younger self would be start yoga sooner and do it more often. The physical and mental flexibility is golden.

MosaicLab support team - bridget


Bridget McDonald
(aka accounting ace)


I am based in Tolmie, North East Victoria, just down from the Ned Kelly Tree (where he took the lives of three policemen). You can see the snow on Mt Buller around the corner from here.

My role with MosaicLab is accounts payable, receivable and everything in between

Three words to describe MosaicLab: Friendly, supportive and inclusive.

My ideal workday includes everything balancing!

The best thing about my role is variety, flexibility and of course being part of a team.

I dislike running out of chocolate

When I'm not working my my favourite thing is gardening. 

If I could have any super power it would be teleportation. Imagine how much extra time I would have for…. gardening!

One piece of advice I would give my younger self would be don’t stress, it all works out the way it’s meant to.



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