(Invaluable) deliberation insights 1 - project managers

In June 2017 we ran our first ever Deliberation Ready Training session for leaders, managers and decision makers in Melbourne.    The day was designed to help participants get themselves and their organisation ready for a successful journey into deliberative engagement.  

Participants, who were keen to move their organisations forward and embrace the challenges and opportunities associated with the exciting world of deliberation, threw themselves into an intense, fun and interactive day of 'action-learning'.  

Because we love to share resources and are always seeking to help others to improve their engagement skills and processes, we are giving you free, exclusive access to one of our fabulous Deliberation Ready Training resources our participants had access to during their session.


The below video features interviews with five project managers who have led their teams through a deliberative engagement process such as a citizens' jury or people's panel.  These five individuals have been brave enough to share some of their learnings, knowledge and advice to assist others who are 'walking in their shoes'.    

We are incredibly grateful to the following project managers for taking time out of their busy schedules to take part in these interviews and for providing such an invaluable resource to others:

All project managers interviewed worked with MosaicLab on deliberative projects that we supported and facilitated.  For more insights into these and other projects, view some of our past project snapshots here or read some of our in-depth case studies on our blog.


We are working on a post providing insights into the trainees' experiences and what they learned - which was a whole lot in just one, jam-packed day!  We are also deciding on a brand new date for our next training day (register your interest here!).  



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