Where did the last financial year go?  Time flies by when you're busy, and it seems there's never a dull moment for the MosaicLab team.   

When we looked across a year of MosaicLab projects and collated the numbers, it was surprising to see just how many hours we had facilitated, people we had worked with and projects we had undertaken. 

From training to deliberation and workshops to engagement planning, our year has been productive and fulfilling.  We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work in a field we are passionate about.  We feel blessed to be able to advocate for quality engagement, share knowledge, resources and learnings and work with a huge variety of wonderful organisations, participants and partners.

Reflecting on the year that was, we prepared a little infographic summarising some of the interesting 'numbers' that came out of our prokect work.   A year in review.

17'-18' Infographic.png

Of course, there's a lot of hardworking, dedicated individuals behind those numbers, and we couldn't do it without the dedication of our MosaicLab people, the wonderful support team that backs us up or the work and efforts of our clients and participants.  To delve behind the data, explore some of our project case studies. 

Given what we achieved last year, we can only imagine what might be possible over the next 12months.  Here's hoping 18'-19' is just as rewarding, productive and fun. 



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