This one has been a long time in the making.  Finally, we can announce that our latest 'Deliberation Ready' video is here.  This edition is particularly exciting because, for the first time, we've interviewed participants from across multiple deliberative processes.  Together, these 10 citizens share their unique perspectives and provide candid, first hand reflections on their journey - the challenges, the surprises, the highlights and more. 

They also share invaluable advice for anyone citizen who is about to walk in their shoes and represent their community via a deliberative process. Additionally, they provide some poignant final messages for organisations and decision makers considering a deliberative process.

These 10 citizens have all taken part in a deliberative engagement process such as a community panel or citizens' jury.  They kindly donated their time and we are grateful to them for their insights.  Thank you to: 

  • Ashley, Juror - VicHealth Citizens’ Jury on Obesity
  • Stuart, Panellist - Barwon Water Community Panel
  • Veronica, Panellist - Barwon Water Community Panel
  • Mick, Panellist - Kingston Customer Service Charter Community Panel
  • Rocco, Panellist - Kingston Customer Service Charter Community Panel
  • Artika, Panellist – Kingston Customer Service Charter Community Panel
  • Erika, Panellist – Kingston Customer Service Charter Community Panel
  • Danielle, Juror – Yarra Valley Water Citizens’ Jury
  • Paul, Juror – Yarra Valley Water Citizens’ Jury
  • Liam - Juror – Geelong Citizens’ Jury

Want to learn more about each of these projects?  Take a look at our project case studies

Each of these interviewees have taken part in a high influence engagement process where they were given time, information and support and asked to grapple with a big issue, work together and agree on recommendations which they provided directly to decision makers.  Learn more about deliberative engagement here. 



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