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A brand new year brings a brand new opportunity to think about what we want to achieve over the 12 months ahead.  We've been discussing our goals for 2018, and have decided that, this year, our resolutions are all about learning.

Here's five of our knowledge goals for 2018.  This year we want to learn more about:

  1. How to involve the broader community in a deliberative engagement process, ensuring they are connected to the journey of the randomly selected participants.
  2. Which communication approaches and strategies are most effective in achieving the above.
  3. What changes participants experience during and after a deliberative process (for example changes to their ability to reason, engage in dialogue, employ critical thinking etc.) and what works when it comes to helping them to develop these skills.
  4. The effect of brain biases and how they impact on peoples' ability to hold difficult conversations and tackle complex problems.
  5. Democratic and deliberative innovations and ideas from across the world and how they are being applied. 

Phew! Now we have those five resolutions down we've realised we have some pretty big goals for 2018!  Better get started.  They say accountability is key, so we'll share our learning along the way - stay tuned for further posts on what we discover.  

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Over to you!

What are your 2018 knowledge goals?  Share at least one thing you want to learn more about this year in the comments section below.  

The simple act of writing down your goal and sharing it with others is the first big step towards success!